Passion Formula

October 06, 20211 minute to read.

I was aimlessly looking for a side-project that held my attention. One day, I watched Tom Bilyeu (who hosts the YouTube channel Impact Theory) explaining his passion formula. Simply put, it’s this:

Interest/Fascination + Mastery

Interest/Fascination? Well, I adore reading books by behaviour experts in my spare time.

Mastery? I’ve tried a lot of programming languages, but I love JavaScript (consequentially React and Jest) at the moment. But, mastery of any programming language takes time and dedication.

So, one lazy idea is to build the app to facilitate users who want to keep track of their non-fiction books. Secondly, talking amongst other users who might be interested in a sub-genre of non-fiction too.

What’s your interest or fascination? What’s your programming languages of choice? Do you regard yourself to be master of that?

  • Is it a person who loves the outdoors in nature and Swift?
  • Is it a person who loves Arduino and Rust?
  • Is it a person who loves Koi Carp and Python?

Somewhere, a passion side-project is out there waiting for you.

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