I Passed the CompTIA Network+ Exam After I Had a Stroke.

April 25, 20221 minute to read.

Recently, I passed the CompTIA Network+ exam. It was the first certification I passed after my stroke. I was nervous but excited and confident because I studied quite a bit and took a few mock exams before the actual exam.

I’m a software developer, so the concepts are familiar, but I didn’t understand the concepts for the low-level networks and I was completely oblivious to the OSI model.

The best way to learn new concepts is with the physical hardware. I bought a Netgear 1100 router (it uses pfSense, a superb firewall and router) and a TP-Link 5 port smart switch. I want to be hands-on with VLANs, VPN, DHCP, etc., rather than reading a book solely.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

I used Anki for memory repetition and nailing the fundamentals of networks. I think Anki is phenomenal for learning and it is free.

Finally, I bought Jason Dion’s practice CompTIA Network+ exams and sat all six practice exams, multiple times because I failed in the beginning to pass the practice exams.

If you are studying CompTIA Network+ at the moment, my advice is mindset is everything. You can do it!

Here are the links:

  • The Netgear 1100 router is here.
  • The TP-Link 5 port smart switch is here.
  • The Anki website is here.
  • Jason Dion’s practice CompTIA Network+ exams is here.

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